Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Fun Never Stops

Last week was certainly full of fun.

It started on Monday with a visit with our friends the Sandlin's. Steve was out of town, Melissa had to work, so I had them all to myself. We had a great lunch at the Mexican restaurant across the street and then spent a couple of hour catching up on everything. Melissa did come home early, so she got to spend some time with them too.

On Tuesday, we headed to the airport and ended up here.

Our original flight was delayed, but we were able to take an earlier flight so we made it to the city in time to have dinner at Victor's, our favorite Cuban restaurant before we went to the theater.

After dinner we headed over to the theater to see this.

It was a great show. It is so emotional, I don't know how they do this eight times a week. The audience was so spellbound, that no one spoke during the whole show. That in itself was amazing to us as we always end up sitting by people who talk through the whole performance.

Afterwards we waited by the stage door for autographs and pictures. The whole cast was so nice signing autographs, taking pictures and chatting with everyone.

On Wednesday Steve headed out to his conference (it was a business trip after all) and Melissa and I headed to Starbucks for breakfast before we braved the subway system on our own.

Our destination was SoHo and two yarn shops. The first was the Lion Brand Yarn store. Melissa and I each got yarn for sweaters. They have a sampling wall with cones of their different yarns. You can wind some off and knit up a swatch to see how you like the yarn. It was pretty cool.

The second was Purl SoHo which is a tiny little shop. It is amazing how much yarn they have in such a small space. We both bought sock yarn here. Koigu for me and Spud and Chloe for Melissa. Melissa's purchase was as much for the name of the yarn and the tag as it was for the color.

After our yarn shopping spree, we took the subway back to Rockefeller Center and a stop at Magnolia Bakery for cupcakes. On the way back to the hotel we passed Crumbs, so of course we had to stop and sample their cupcakes too. There was also a stop at Pinkberry for our favorite frozen yogurt and berries.

We met Steve and Deann (his client) for dinner at Kellari and had some yummy Greek food. After dinner we went to see Billy Elliott. Another great show and amazingly enough another quiet audience. The kids in this show, both the Billy's and the girls in the dance class, are awesome.

Thursday morning brought another rushed trip to the airport due to a cancelled flight and the need to take an earlier one to make sure we got home in time to see the Jason Mraz concert that night. The concert was awesome. They were filming it for a DVD, which will be out sometime in the fall, so he played for over two hours. The venue was right on the lake so we got some amazing city views as well. It was fun to see all the boats lined up along the lakefront to hear the music.

Friday was a normal day (thank goodness) Steve and Melissa both went to work and I did some things around the house.

On Saturday we had brunch and then took the train into the city to see Spring Awakening.

Sunday was Steve's birthday and we were supposed to go to Ravinia to see David Hyde Pierce, but it was pouring rain so we went to Buca di Beppo for dinner and then went to see the Harry Potter movie at the Imax theater.

So how was your week?


Nicole Maki said...

Oh my goodness. I am so incredibly jealous of your amazing adventures. Talk about living life to the fullest!

Those yarn shops must have been awesome and the cuban food looked great. I've never eaten Cuban food before.

Lynne said...

I'm exhausted after reading that. haha The yarn stores sound great.

Jen said...

Sounds fun! And hey! I went to Ravinia on Sunday to see David Hyde Pierce. The weather actually turned out to be ok. But, Buca. Mmmm that is amazing too! :)

Marie Levite said...

Wow!! What an awesome time you had. Thanks for sharing all the great pics. The Cuban food looks great and I also heard that play was amazing.

Scraplin said...

Thats sounds like a busy and fun week! Im jealous! David Hyde Pierce..is he the guy who plays Niles on Frasier?

Anonymous said...

wow - sounds like an amazing time!! i'm a bit envious...you got to go to PurlSoHo!!! i love their blog :)