Monday, March 29, 2010

A Sneak Peek!

Here is a first look at one of the cards for the April Cricut Classes.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but the card is clear. I used a transparency and glued a white piece of paper on the inside of the card for the message. The colors look a little washed out, the card looks much better in person. Check back later in the week for the rest of the cards for the class.

Here is a picture of the finished blanket for baby Xayne.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Some Things Are Finished, Some Things Aren't

First up, the last card for my March Cricut class. Something simple and easy to finish up with.

On to the knitting front...A finished a pair of socks for me. The pattern is Bremen Muster and can be found here on Ravelry. The yarn is Claudia Handpainted in the Watermelon colorway. I love them and the pattern is really fun to knit.

My favorite new top is the Josephine (Ravelry link) which I finished just before our February Cruise. It is knit in Berroco Comfort DK which is wonderful to knit with. I'm going to have to take a better picture that shows the detail more.

This cute little sweater is for baby Zayne who was born last Friday. It is the Five Hour Baby Sweater (Ravelry link), knit in Red Heart soft in a pretty red color.

And now for the unfinished. A baby blanket for Zayne. It is the Paneled Lace Afghan from the July 2009 Creative Knitting Magazine. It is also knit in Red Heart Soft in teal and brown. Hopefully I can get it finished by the end of the week.