Saturday, August 1, 2009


Our first port of call was Cannes, France. This is a tender port, so we took one of these boats (the ship's lifeboats) to the dock.

We walked around the harbor to the center of town.

There is a fort that overlooks the harbor.

One of the beautiful streets we wandered down. We did find a McDonald's and they guys wanted to get french fries. We told them that we weren't eating at McDonald's in France. Although it was a very nicely decorated McDonald's, as was the one in Venice where we did get fries. More about that one later. Without the sign, you wouldn't have know it was a McDonald's.

This is the Palais des Festivals where the film festival is held. After seeing all the beautiful buildings, I was expecting something much different than this modern building. All around the courtyard there are hand and footprints of movie stars from all over the world.

There are several small parks along the waterfront. Carousels must be very popular in France, there were two of them fairly close together in the park. We did walk down to the beach but the water was kind of murky so no one wanted to stick their toes in.

Of course we had to have crepes and Coca Cola Light, which tastes different than Diet Coke (or so Melissa says). My favorite was the Nutella crepe. Yummy.

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