Tuesday, June 21, 2011

April & May Socks

As you might remember (or not) from a previous post, I'm participating in the Skacel 20 Years of Trekking Knit Along. Six projects over six months with a new clue every week.

I finally finished the April socks, sort of. I have one finished (although it was too late for the contest) and the other one almost finished. I had a hard time with these socks, mainly because we were on the epic vacation and I didn't have as much knitting time as I thought I would. I wasn't real fond of the pattern either, for some reason I couldn't memorize this one. Anyway I decided to make them for Melissa because she liked the pattern and her feet are smaller than mine, so less knitting was needed. So here April's sock "Cranked". Hopefully she will get the other one before winter returns.

The socks for May is called Lacery and has a really pretty lace pattern up the front and a ribbed lace on the back. I really like these socks, especially the little ruffled edge along the top. I'm really tempted to knit these again in a solid color and run the lace pattern up the back of the sock too. The only bad thing about knitting wool socks in the spring/summer, is it is too warm to wear them.

The socks for May are called Flutter and they have cute little butterflies all over them. The yarn is a pretty rose color and is part bamboo so they will be really soft and cozy. These will be for my sister as they are anklets and I can't wear them, for some reason they make my ankles hurt. Weird I know, but it is what it is. I will definitely be making a regular length pair for myself. Pictures to follow as soon as they are finished.

I've really enjoyed the knit along, but am really looking forward to knitting something besides socks for a while. I have a Central Park Hoodie (a sweater) and a scarf calling my name.

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