Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A flowery post for today. 

Here is the newest Vintage Groove necklace in my collection. I love the velvet flowers. You can't really tell from this picture, but there is a little bird charm above the tear drop charm. I've had lots of comments on this piece. 

Today's card is a lovely poinsettia. I've been wanting to try shaped cards for a while now. It was really easy to do. I cut out two shapes with my Cricut and hinged them together with a folded strip of paper so that you could open it enough to write a message inside. The polka dot paper is pleated, which is something I've been seeing on a lot of cards and scrapbook pages. 


Jen said...

Love the necklace. And the card!

Kristen said...

Gorgeous necklace!

Lo said...

Hi Cathy- I wasn't sure how to leave you a message but I attended the Cricut class and found it very helpful. Thanks- also if you find the markers I was looking for, please send me the name of them. Thanks!

CathyR said...

Hi Lo - I'm so glad you enjoyed the class. Please send me an email so I have your email address and I'll send you the info about the pens.