Friday, January 23, 2009

Makes Me Smile

I know most people will think these are just strange, but Disney geek that I am, I love them. No they aren't pencils, they are Mickey Mouse knitting needles and point protectors. How cool is that? They were part of a learn to knit kit for kids that I found at JoAnn's and I couldn't resist (I did however, resist the pink sparkly princess set.) They will be perfect for knitting dishcloths.

Here are the latest cards. A birthday card for my Dad. Happy Birthday Dad!!

And an anniversary card for our good friends the Smiths. Happy Anniversary!!

I promise I'll post more cruise pictures soon. I also have a knitting project or two that I need to take pictures of.


Jen said...

Those needles are so cool! And, I love the cards.

Sassy Pam said...

Those cards are great Cathy and your new needles are awesome!!

Lynne said...

I would have totally bought those knitting needles too. Your card are wonderful.